Rant#6 – And Man said, Let there be God. 

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There’s an underlying order to all the chaos in this universe and that order, is my God.

~ Fessonia


Captain’s Log 13082016 – Not a near death experience 

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It’s 3am and I’m in a broken bus on a bridge.


Smartphones, the new way of life

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Why does the title sound like a topic for an elocution competition put together hurriedly at the last moment for 8th graders, you ask? Because it is, but for college juniors.

I recently attempted to participate in one, and after one too many hiccups, the date got postponed and time limit shortened. So what was supposed to last a full five minutes, now needs to be squeezed into a 45sec to 1 minute window. I got eight days but not too sure if I want to anymore. Anyway, here’s the transcript…

Have smartphones become the new way of life? I do not have a definitive answer for that question currently, so let’s get on aboard the train of thought.


Captain’s Log 01082016 – Change, Pain and them random blues. 

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Change comes neither easy nor alone. If it were so the case, all the gyms in the world would be full and everyone would be rocking a guitar, considering the number of New years that have gone by since the tradition of making New year’s resolution began. Willing yourself into making any kind of substantial change simply because the world has aged another year isn’t an easy task, for “change for change’s sake” is an extremely unappealing concept.