Captain’s log 25012018 – As above, So below.

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This write-up began at an altitude of 6000 feet. It will definitely be done at the least 72 hours later in my dorm room but right now, this very sentence is being typed with cold,numb fingers at 6000 ft above sea level. Why is this important? Because it is cool, that’s why.


Rant #9 – Why fourth wall?

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In short, I just like to talk.


Trains 101 – Are we there yet?

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You are not spontaneous. Unplanned trips unnerve you. Especially when you neither speak the language nor like the cuisine. But it’s the final semester of college and your life is nowhere near as together as you hoped it’d be and in a fit of misguided optimism and peer pressure you decide to take chances and try something new. Any hopes of cancelling the plan at the last minute goes out the window once the unnecessarily expensive tickets are booked and ofcourse it has to be the first train of the day.


0345 Poetry#2 – Not Again.

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Stuck. Lost.
All but me speed on in a blur.
Looped. Dazed.
Where you see straight, I see a curve.