Captain’s log 24062018 – Incredibly woke.

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I realise I am quite late to the party but when the movie takes 13 years to show up, I can take a couple of days too. Also, spoiler alert because holding back isn’t really my thing. Also, I’m going to be saying ‘woke’ a lot. You’ll see.


Fondue 05 – Oh, My Songbird…

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Rant #14 – Ambition Confusion

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That sounds like a Big Bang Theory episode title, doesn’t it? Not intentional. This rant is for me. No formality or deliberate jokes, no sense of logic to the flow and lots of memes. I might as well write the whole thing in italics. Feel free to skip this one, unless you are in your early 20s, recently or just graduated and utterly terrified about real life.


Rant #13 – Why is Beautiful?

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The dumbest, yet funniest joke of Infinity war was Drax very proudly having the last word in the argument – “I’ll do you one better. Why is Gamora?” He did give me an interesting thought though. Ofttimes answering what, when, where and who is very easy, for they are objective and usually end the conversation but ‘why’ is special. The answers it brings out are truly unique and can carry the conversation into places you never knew it belonged to. Like Drax’s ‘why’ leading to this very rant. Who knows where this’ll end up in? Not me. Not right now.