Nerdgasm 0004 – Wonder Woman 2020 : I’m confused.

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We’re always shown the past – the 70s, 80s, whatever it may – to be full of colorful clothes, freethinking hippies, hypnotic synth music and strip malls. Wonder Woman 1984 felt like none of those things. It has more in common with 2020 than 1984 – started full of hope and ended utterly underwhelming. At its best, it was a middle chapter in a thick novel where nothing happens and the author sidetracks into the details of numerous things that will never make an appearance again that you get through nonetheless because it began so well and you hope the end will be the same. At its worst, it was a DCEU movie. (more…)

0352 Poetry#21 – The allure of closed doors.

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The allure of closed doors - Poem. (more…)