Rant#3 – No offense but…

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I joined Facebook way back in 2009, when I was about 12 with just one purpose in mind – to create the sickest, baddest looking farms of all time in FarmVille. The games used to be the most interesting aspect of Facebook ; the constant status updates of what I was doing or where I was having soup held no interest for me.

It still doesn’t, but my farmer/chef/castle defending days are behind me now. The new interest is the comment section.


Rant #1 – So fish are funny, right?

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..starts Marshall Eriksen, brilliantly portrayed by Jason Segel on the hit sitcom – How I Met Your Mother, as he climbs up on stage in a comedy club and proceeds to list out fish names that he finds to be funny (which actually is quite hilarious in context) only to be boo-ed down by his own wife. Another episode from another popular sitcom – The Big Bang Theory comes to mind, where Dr. Sheldon Cooper, in all his genius with a double PhD and everything, attempts to create the funniest joke in the universe using science and statistics only to repeatedly come up with quips that only crack him up.