Nerdgasm 0002 – Endgame Expectations.

So the past few posts must have implied how obvious of a fan I am. While I did, unfortunately, end up glancing at few spoilers in parts, I have taken a hiatus from the social media world until I watch Endgame tomorrow when it finally releases in India. I’ve even not viewed most of the trailers or TV spots, barring the first couple or so. Fans have been theorizing what could happen in Endgame since Infinity war a year ago. I couldn’t possibly come up with a new theory that hasn’t been said or debunked already. So what I am going to do is make a list of all my “dream” scenes that I would absolutely love to watch on the big screen tomorrow. Now bear in mind that I have not viewed any of the leaked scenes or spoilers, so things I’m writing about here may have already been rendered impossible or have actually happened and even shown in the promo materials. Maybe I’ll catch up with everything after watching Endgame tomorrow night and figure out for myself on how far away or how close to reality I really was.

Team-up circle/One frame shots.

We’ve always gotten these epic “assemble” moments in both the Wheadon’s Avengers movies where they come together and stand in a circle or somehow fit within the same frame in cool little ways. We had the OG six’s circle moment in the first Avengers, 

and once again towards the end with, 

Wheadon did not disappoint in Age of Ultron as well, which dived right into the action starting from the first scene,

and we do get another “team-up circle” with the OG 6 updated with Wanda, Vision and Quicksilver. Too bad we didn’t get War machine or Falcon in the mix. 

The most we’ve seen of all the Avengers together was in Civil War, even then it was not “together” per se. 

They were on different planets in Infinity War, so clearly, there was no team up possibilities except for these splits,

But none of them has ALL of them together. With people being resurrected and some dying and few characters no longer returning for movies, Endgame is our last shot at having all the Avengers on screen at a time. Just for a few seconds will do. Let’s hope the Russos don’t let us down. 

They almost gave us all the Avengers possible in a single frame in Civil War, sort of. This is the blurry result –

Yeah, not quite how I pictured it. 

The Trinity

Iron man, Captain America and Thor always have had excellent character moments and hilarious banter, starting right from “Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?” to “If the hammer was in an elevator, it would still go up. Elevator’s not worthy” to the more recent “I see you’ve copied my beard“. This isn’t exactly a “crazy fantasy” but yeah, I’m just putting it out there that I’m looking forward to seeing these three together one last time. 

Who’s worthy? 

I guess becoming Mjolnir-worthy would be one hell of a finish for anyone’s character arc. But if you ask me who’s most worthy of being worthy? I’d say one of these two. Captain being worthy has happened in the comics, was hinted when he moved the hammer ever so slightly in Age of Ultron but considering that he’s always been a man of great ideals, I think it would have greater meaning if it was Tony who the hammer deemed worthy, especially considering how he started out. The Russos do always manage to surprise the audience and Captain lifting the hammer has been around in countless fan theories since Age of Ultron. However, I think if the hammer did choose Tony over Steve, the fanbase would be largely polarised. So either the Russos honor the comics and let Steve hold the hammer as fan service, or pull a sneaky one and have the hammer fly past Steve to Tony’s hands. Either ways, I need to see that hammer in someone else’s hands before this movie ends. 

I have given a lot of thought to how it would work out too. Looking back to when even Thor wasn’t worthy, his act of self-sacrifice is what made the hammer to rush back to him. While Steve was established as the “jump on the grenade to save the battalion” guy since his first movie, Tony has been the one to repeatedly put himself out there since the first Avengers. He flew into the wormhole, he was right beneath the core of Sokovia as it fell and he took on Thanos one-on-one and insisted that Dr.Strange not give him the time stone as he was dying. So clearly, either he or Steve would need to become worthy owing to a moment of self-sacrifice. 

Personally, I want Thanos to fire his “Gauntlet-beam” at Captain. He closes his eyes and braces with his shield in front of him.


He opens his eyes and there is armour all around him and he’s floating up in the air. Down, we see an armour-less Iron man looking up in relief at Steve as Thanos brings down the beam upon him shrouding him in blinding light. Steve lands and rushes towards Tony as the light explodes sending Thanos and Captain hurtling back. The armour disassembles from Captain and rushes into the light. Iron man emerges out of it holding Mjolnir and lighting sparkling all around his armour. But I’m nearly 99% sure that none of this is going to happen. 

Alternately, and more likely, Thanos beats them down one by one as he does at the end of Infinity War. Tony is the last in line and as everyone else is knocked down, Thanos approaches him and laughs at how Tony has wasted the mercy he showed him and that there won’t be any this time around. He attempts to kill Tony for good but Captain puts himself between them, taking the full hit of the power stone. The hammer flickers and hovers up from an unconscious Thor’s palm and whizzes across slamming Thanos to the side and ends up in Captain’s palm and he emerges unscathed, eyes glowing blue, shield in one hand and hammer in another amidst a swirl of purple from the power stone and electric blue from all the lightning. 

I have never considered writing fanfic but maybe I should start. What do you think? 

Time travel shenanigans.

These set photos released very long ago pretty much confirming that time travel will be involved in some form or another. While the Russos repeatedly said that some technology introduced in Civil War will play a big role in this movie, some speculated that this is just Tony looking back at his own memories using B.A.R.F but then why is Antman there? There are also other pictures from this set showing Loki under arrest just as he was at the end of Avengers and Tony hiding from Shield agents. So I guess it is safe to assume, they shall travel across time somehow.  What I do NOT want to happen is have the actions of the time travellers somehow causing whatever’s happened to happen. No perfect causality-effect looping here. That’s just lazy writing, formulaic and messy. What I DO want to happen is the Avengers having one hell of a hard time being careful not to screw up the timeline and end up having to make some very difficult choices, even failing parts of their plan. I want Captain to lose his cool and maybe even swear. I want the time travel to actually be their last resort and not some easy plot armour. Whenever time travel is involved in such movies, even the highest of stakes become inconsequential because you can just go further back in time and stop it before it begins. I really hope that that doesn’t happen here. The time travel here needs to come with its own added stakes; maybe they get only one shot at it, maybe there is a time constraint, more the chances for our heroes to mess up, the more fun it is for us to watch and more meaningful it’ll be when they ultimately win. 

The End

The MCU is pretty much a giant TV show at this point and this is the finale of its 22-episode season. So technically it should end like one. I’m sure the time-travel will give us a nostalgic look through all the important events from the MCU’s past, which is a classic finale-trope in TV shows. I also want the ending to give time for us to breathe. Infinity war was packed to the brim with the heaviest of gut-wrenching at the final moments of the movie. Endgame has nearly 22 more minutes of runtime than Infinity war and I want the Avengers to pretty much win at this point and the remaining 22 minutes spent in reflection. They don’t necessarily have to set up or tease Phase four or do anything outside the scope of this movie. Just slow down and let us revel in the victory and the loss. The scenes could just simply pan over from hero to hero and show them returning to their families or just hugging it out and smiling, the people or just their loved ones mourning their loss. Not a word needs to be said. But yeah, just keep it slow and let us breathe. 

T minus 23 hours to Endgame. 

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