Attempts at poetry

0100 Poetry#1 – Had me at hello. 


Could a moment’s glance really inspire,
promises lasting beyond eternity?
Or is it just the self’s desire,
whiling away in fantasy?
The fool’s gimmick,
an extravagant attempt at flattery –
A hopelessly twisted heart’s
take on tomfoolery.

As sound as the words seem to be,
all that’s sensible is soon set free,
when it finally happens to me.

I walked in, a haunted knight –
walls put up high, holding my pieces tight.
With a heart sheathed in molten steel,
A mind devoid of hope, reeking ill.
But there she was, and time stood still. 

With painted eyes so dark and sharp,
darker plaits falling idly by.
With a smile so sweet that fades too soon,
adorned in hues of the grass and sky.
The astrophile in me jumped up in glee.
To see a star up close was no more just a dream.

A deer caught in the glare,  I could not move.
These forgotten feelings, I very well knew .
From a quarantined past they came rushing in.
Oh dear Lord, not this again. 

I’ve been through  this before,
this canyon so dark and steep.
Carrying forth a heart so sore,
do I dare make it further weep?
Can’t help but wonder what’s in store,
for what’s been sown I have to reap.

Ghosts of lovers’ past claw deep within,
my bleeding and battered mind.
Time heals no wounds,
they only go number still,
ripening at any touch so mild.

You had me at the first hello,
I know not which –
sadly, or perhaps luckily,
 goodbyes were all I had left in me. 



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