Attempts at poetry

Fondue 07

~ Transcript ~

If only the heavens knew
how many times a day I think of you
all its stars would cower in shame
their meagre numbers lie eons away.

If only the seas could see
how in a crowd, my eyes search for thee
all its waves would abandon their own
and rush inland to take you home.

If only the air could feel
how I flutter when I hear you speak
all its music would cease to flow
for only your voice it’ll choose to hold.

If tomorrow, a crown fell out of the sky
and declared me king of all by right
The city, its walls, every fort and lane,
every blade of grass will bear your name.

If the fabric of space should come undone,
revealing its secrets, its vices and charms,
I’d still lie awake at night yearning to sleep,
for only you are my greatest mystery.

I’ve spent ages colouring the air with my words,
Hoping even if you don’t breathe them in,
perhaps they will graze your skin.
Give you chills, and take you back
to buried nights of sweetened sin.

I’ve waited so long, I could carry on.
What’s ten years or twelve next to –
the eternity I’ve forged for me and you?

Forget the stars, the air, and waves.
The golden crown, time and space.

If only you could see,
just how I see you through me,
all your fears would shrivel away
you’d run to me and this time, you’ll stay.

∈ fessonia

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