Attempts at poetry

2337 Poetry#3 – One thing.

When the remains of a falling star catch my eye,
When I wake up one morning needing no more sleep,
When the soup is delivered just goldilocks-fine,
When my popcorn gets its own empty seat,
When the deadlines too hit the snooze button,
When heavy rains pause my minute hand.

When my dad throws a cheesy line,
And my mom’s eyes zip from him to the floor,
When my baby brother acts a bit mature,
And my first grey hair instantly starts to grow,
When the stranger in the metro laughs at my joke,
And dreams of a comedy club take wings of its own.

“I’m so proud of you.”,
“Huh, Didn’t think you had it in you.”,
“You got this.”,
“I saw this and thought of you.”,
“Have another scoop.”,
“Stay online for 5 more minutes?”

Frozen melon freshly cut,
Tony Stark’s new suit lighting up,
Season 1 friends turning Season 5 lovers,
Things going right with zero effort,
Cute girl at the store in my aisle,
Catches me looking and still smiles.

All my little joys, bundled together.
Could happen all at once, Or
Could vanish one after the other.
And to restore my smile,
would take just one thing –


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