En route USA #01 – Choices.

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             So last week my visa finally came in and in another five weeks, I am out of the country for a minimum of two years. This time last year, I was clueless. I was taking online courses on computational fluid dynamics in hopes of landing a job as an aerospace engineer. Now I’m a month away from starting my master’s degree in physics. What happened? Either the best or the stupidest decision of my life, that’s what happened. (more…)

2131 Poetry#19 – Who’s happy ?

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Who’s happy?
The optimist is overfed on disappointment,
no outcome’s ever up to the mark of his imagination.
The pessimist walks away with his coin still in the air,
the odds are fifty-fifty, but who’s got time to care?
The realist is drenched in sweat for he knows he can never really know,
until the result is out but by then what’s the point anymore.


NYE101 – Journey to the centre of the Party.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, neither this picture nor anyone in it is capable of anything close to forming meaningful words, so here are a thousand to make up for it.


Whisper confession collage body positivity gone too far

Rant#20 – I’d like to weigh in on this…

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Don’t tell people, “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful.” Fat isn’t the opposite of beautiful, it’s the opposite of healthy. Fat here means large deposits of fatty tissue over and between muscles and along the walls of blood vessels, you know? the thing it was supposed to mean. Not people who wish their waistline was just an inch smaller.


Rant #17 – Running out of time.

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The road not taken was my first real ‘adult’ experience with poetry. Until then I’ve seen poems as for overzealous people who cherished every brook, fallen leave and moss-covered stone or for the overly in love, singing in praise of their lady. The road not taken was a personal narrative, it told a story from a very critical moment in the poet’s life and knowing that his entire life as a career stemmed from that one risky bargain reinstated the notion of a sentient universe. That somehow things don’t just happen and it’s all part of a grand plan. It is still ’cause and effect’ but the causes always seem rather forced, the events rather too coincidental. It is because of Robert Frost that I tend to take a bit too long to decide every time I’m at crossroads and so far its paid out well.


Rant#16 – Life lessons from a marathon.

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  1. Winning is cool, but finishing in itself is a worthy achievement. Most people don’t get to do that, willingly or otherwise. You get a medal ’cause you made it to the end.


Rant #14 – Ambition Confusion

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That sounds like a Big Bang Theory episode title, doesn’t it? Not intentional. This rant is for me. No formality or deliberate jokes, no sense of logic to the flow and lots of memes. I might as well write the whole thing in italics. Feel free to skip this one, unless you are in your early 20s, recently or just graduated and utterly terrified about real life.


Rant #13 – Why is Beautiful?

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The dumbest, yet funniest joke of Infinity war was Drax very proudly having the last word in the argument – “I’ll do you one better. Why is Gamora?” He did give me an interesting thought though. Ofttimes answering what, when, where and who is very easy, for they are objective and usually end the conversation but ‘why’ is special. The answers it brings out are truly unique and can carry the conversation into places you never knew it belonged to. Like Drax’s ‘why’ leading to this very rant. Who knows where this’ll end up in? Not me. Not right now.


Captain’s log 25012018 – As above, So below.

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This write-up began at an altitude of 6000 feet. It will definitely be done at the least 72 hours later in my dorm room but right now, this very sentence is being typed with cold,numb fingers at 6000 ft above sea level. Why is this important? Because it is cool, that’s why.


Rant #8 – To each his own.

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Why do you smile?

When was the last time you smiled? The time before that? Were they for similar reasons? Well I hope they weren’t or its going to ruin the whole point I’m trying to drive home here. Just go with, will you ?


Rant #7 – Doth thou even lift, brother ?

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The mind, much like the men it controls, always gives precedence to pain that bleeds out than that which seeps in. You could be starving yourself and staying curled in your bed for days at a stretch and you’re mostly likely to develop anxiety too on the side of freshly baked depression. The mind leaves you to your misery, much like that lone weeping girl on the stairs everyone cautiously walks around not to intrude her bubble. The instant you slide a knife under the skin or perhaps break an arm, beta endorphins are sent rushing to the rescue filling you with that blissful pleasant relief, much like all the people you see crowded around the smashed-in car desperately calling for the emergency services. That’s precisely why you have so many people  walking around pulling down the long sleeves of their jackets nervously trying to veil the horrors that lie beneath.


Smartphones, the new way of life

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Why does the title sound like a topic for an elocution competition put together hurriedly at the last moment for 8th graders, you ask? Because it is, but for college juniors.

I recently attempted to participate in one, and after one too many hiccups, the date got postponed and time limit shortened. So what was supposed to last a full five minutes, now needs to be squeezed into a 45sec to 1 minute window. I got eight days but not too sure if I want to anymore. Anyway, here’s the transcript…

Have smartphones become the new way of life? I do not have a definitive answer for that question currently, so let’s get on aboard the train of thought.