2131 Poetry#19 – Who’s happy ?

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Who’s happy?
The optimist is overfed on disappointment,
no outcome’s ever up to the mark of his imagination.
The pessimist walks away with his coin still in the air,
the odds are fifty-fifty, but who’s got time to care?
The realist is drenched in sweat for he knows he can never really know,
until the result is out but by then what’s the point anymore.


Rant #4 – Cue epic star wars music…

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A very long time ago,

In a galaxy far, far away…

There’s absolutely nothing! I should know, I have been scouring the sky for years. Not a single peep out of the alien overlords. Does this mean that I’m not the chosen one? (collective gasp from the audience)

Okay, perhaps not nothing. Casting aside my disappointments with E.T, the night sky is indeed a marvelous spectacle. There’s no sight that can be so humbling, yet empowering at the same time. It rewards your good days and redeems the rough ones.