Rant #7 – Doth thou even lift, brother ?

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The mind, much like the men it controls, always gives precedence to pain that bleeds out than that which seeps in. You could be starving yourself and staying curled in your bed for days at a stretch and you’re mostly likely to develop anxiety too on the side of freshly baked depression. The mind leaves you to your misery, much like that lone weeping girl on the stairs everyone cautiously walks around not to intrude her bubble. The instant you slide a knife under the skin or perhaps break an arm, beta endorphins are sent rushing to the rescue filling you with that blissful pleasant relief, much like all the people you see crowded around the smashed-in car desperately calling for the emergency services. That’s precisely why you have so many people  walking around pulling down the long sleeves of their jackets nervously trying to veil the horrors that lie beneath.