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2131 Poetry#19 – Who’s happy ?

Who’s happy?
The optimist is overfed on disappointment,
no outcome’s ever up to the mark of his imagination.
The pessimist walks away with his coin still in the air,
the odds are fifty-fifty, but who’s got time to care?
The realist is drenched in sweat for he knows he can never really know,
until the result is out but by then what’s the point anymore.

Guess who’s back? Nazis and Measles.
Welcome to the dark ages, no hope’s left with the left.
“Millenials murder babies”, scream the morning news.
Destination hell it is, the right really seems to be sure.
If the left’s unhappy and the right’s unhappy,
you’d think the world is close by the middle, that it’s all peachy.
But guess what? Fuck no.

The women are enraged, out to collect their 6 cents.
But all the suicide statistics, they are still led by men.
Boo-freakin-hoo, the rest of the spectrum rolls its eyes,
we could barely find a spot in a poem that doesn’t even rhyme.
“The world’s on fire, greenhouse gases are bad.”
“Climate change is a hoax. I’m pretty sure the Earth is flat.”
Who’s even happy? Who’s calling the shots?

So it’s obvious now, the big picture is a damn big mess.
We don’t really care about that, we have to confess.
We need our three meals first and a roof over our heads.
Some spending money for Netflix and we can calmly rest.
So the little man, in his rented house,
with his little kids and a smiling spouse.
He’s got to be happy, right? Still no.

What is even happy? Picture this –
A picture-perfect cottage, smoke out of chimneys and all.
Soon comes a slew of skyscrapers surrounding our cottage.
Now our cottage sulks from the shadows, aching for sunshine.
The high-rises point and mock, as if they aren’t being roasted every side.
A glass half empty can yearn only to be full,
but what do we do if it wants to be a swimming pool?

Greed masquerading as ambition.
Contentment mislabelled as mediocrity.
The broken elite pretending to be perfect.
The perfectly normal bowed down in shame.
There’s your reason. How can there be happy?
Looks like the only way for any semblance of peace –
-is three servings of selfish and a generous dose of apathy.

People are horrible and let me tell you why.

Everybody everywhere has all these polarizing views on just about anything these days. But the reality cannot be two things, it has to be one or the other and whomever’s views fall on this ‘chosen’ end must be the ones truly happy, right? Wrong.

As soon as ‘happy’ is mentioned, our minds tend to take a philosophical stand and I cannot blame anyone because we were taught so. Happiness comes from within, it depends on our “outlook” on life. But look around and you’ll find all the optimists, pessimists and realists of life complaining just the bloody same. Nobody’s happy.

The natural next step, considering how everyone is so politically charged these days, is to maybe look for a particular set of ideologies that is currently the trend. But the left is screaming that archaic rules are being brought back in the name of religious beliefs while the right claims that the world is seeking out immorality. Apparently, the world is somehow both left and right aligned but also neither? Or else someone should be happy. Moving on.

Gender is a spectrum now. The 21st century is woke af. Maybe one of them is reigning supreme. Women are still struggling to have their voice heard. Stats still show that for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes 94 cents only doing the same task. But on the other hand, man tops the list for the most depressed gender and the gender with the highest suicide rates. Everyone else on the spectrum, with the ever-growing LGBTQ community, cannot even get acknowledged enough for them to start having such complicated issues or to have an extra bar for themselves in the graphs. No sign of peace here.

So perhaps we are looking at it wrong. There is no hope for the world as a whole. But who looks at the world as a whole on a day-to-day basis. Your average man isn’t curled up in bed every night worried for the polar ice caps. Our private lives revolve around our immediate family and their needs. Maybe there is happiness after all at the bottom, I was just searching for it from way up high.

But no.

Why? Other people.

People only can stay truly happy as long as all those around him are only as happy as him or lesser. Even better if the others are in misery. If at all, one intelligent soul decides to shut his eyes, walk out of the system and decide that what he has is enough, there immediately come a thousand men, a thousand ads on the TV and a thousand telemarketers to tell him why exactly what he has isn’t enough, how he looks isn’t enough and what he makes isn’t enough. The high and mighty can only feel so as long as there are people underneath them, isn’t it? Utopias are a lie. If everybody in this world suddenly woke up with a billion dollars and billion dollars only in their pockets. But one single guy alone managed to somehow find a dollar under his bed, then only he will be the truly happy person. Think about it.

Everybody can be the best version of themselves (and that is what they must strive to), not the best ever. That is illogical and a recipe for disappointment. Excellence qualifies as excellence only because it is rare and yet we are all constantly pushed to change the world, become presidents and billionaires. What if I don’t want to? Apparently, it is not my choice to make. To be aware of our own limitations, to be able to tell the difference with ambition and greed, to feel contentment and not resent it when those around you mock you for “settling”, that alone can give you happiness, isn’t it? But for as long as people exist, they will never let each other to ever be at peace. So the only compromise is to be completely selfish about your goals and views, and completely indifferent to anybody around you.

In conclusion, nobody is happy and everybody is the reason. People are horrible. Hence proved.


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